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AGES 4-7

$90 / 4 sessions

9AM Sun Dec 10, 9AM Sun Dec 17 2023
9AM Sun Jan 7, 9AM Sun Jan 14 2023

Ever thought about how to nurture the most resilient and ocean-loving children possible?

Join us with your family for the Lil’ Ocean Adventurers Program for a transformative series of summer adventures designed to cultivate resilience and a deep passion and wonder for the ocean. 

The course is for children ages 4-7 and will be held in Tasmania over four weeks. During this time, we'll embark on an adventure along Tasmania's stunning East Coast, guiding your children towards lifelong ocean safety, awareness, and mastery. 

Our program revolves around interactive games and exercises, ensuring everyone remains enthralled, motivated, and, most importantly, safe.

It promises a fun-filled experience, brimming with skill development tailored to instil genuine confidence in and around water, as well as adaptive capabilities in ever-changing ocean environments—and life itself!

All instruction and insurance are included in the program cost. 

This program has limited availability, so act quickly to secure your spot! 


How much does it cost?

This is a 4-part programme, costing $90 per child for the whole course.*  You can book by clicking HERE.


The exact location of each will be weather-dependent, however, our starting point will be Burns Bay, at the end of St Helens Pt Road.

Will parents be involved?


Each child will need to be accompanied by a capable and responsible adult (it's fine if you have more than one child, but only one parent - please discuss with us beforehand!!). Parents will be expected to get involved with all the activities as this is a shared learning experience for everyone!

How long is each session & what will we learn?


Each 2-hour session builds upon the last, focusing on key objectives and outcomes, including fostering enjoyment, positivity, and safety, learning emotional control and fear response management through nervous system and breathing regulation, mastering safe practices for ocean environments, such as Safe/No Safe Zone identification, How To Help A Friend protocols, and recognising water movement patterns and Safe Adventure principles, instilling a mindset that embraces challenges and aspires to achieve, and ultimately, nurturing resilience and confidence in water-related activities.

What equipment will we need?

Ideally, each child will have a wetsuit to keep them warm, however this is not a prerequisite (we may also have a few spare ones on hand- please contact us to discuss!). Everyone will need to bring swimmers, a water bottle, a towel, warm clothing and any water craft they would usually use at the beach!


Who are our instructors?

This programme is being coordinated by One Ocean International Managing Director, Nathan Burns (ably assisted by his daughter Evie!). Nath is a water-mad surfer, spearfisherman and body surfer who's currently in the process of helping his young daughter become a mermaid! He is a Registered Paramedic (working in metro, rural and austere settings for more over 15 years), and has spent the majority of his adult life on the road and in the outdoors- either travelling, guiding expeditions or working in Outdoor Education.

He has led countless wilderness and medical trips to far-flung places like Nepal, Japan, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea.  

He has a deep interest in the physiology, psychology and dynamics of teamwork and leadership and is always looking for ways to further his understanding in this area.

He is slowly trying to master the intricacies of woodworking, is an avid mountain biker, a life-long surfer, a coffee-nut, a doting father/husband and a proud Tasmanian.



We love questions!! Just shoot us an email:

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