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Nath is our Managing Director which entails everything from Watermanship Instruction, media and marketing, educational content creation and general problem-solving!

He's a water-mad surfer, spearo and body surfer who's currently in the process of helping his young daughter become a mermaid!

He is a Registered Paramedic and the Founder of Backpacker Medics and has spent the majority of his adult life on the road and in the outdoors- either travelling, guiding expeditions or working in Outdoor Education.

Somewhere along the line he decided a change of career was needed and he became a Paramedic- working in metro, rural and austere settings for more than 15 years.

He has led countless wilderness and medical trips to far-flung places like Nepal, Japan, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea.  

He holds university degrees in Paramedicine and Journalism and has formal training in Major Incident Management and Advanced Wilderness Life Support.

He has a deep interest in the physiology, psychology and dynamics of teamwork and leadership and is always looking for ways to further his understanding in this area.

He is slowly trying to master the intricacies of woodworking, is an avid mountain biker, a life-long surfer, a coffee-nut, a doting father/husband and a proud Tasmanian.


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