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Watergroms PROGRAMME

Our WaterGroms programmes are for little rippers 16 years and under. They're fun, engaging and jam-packed with skills specifically designed to give kids confidence and skills in changing ocean environments.

We base all our teaching around interactive, stimulating games and exercises that keep everyone interested, motivated and safe.

The One Ocean International WaterGROMS Academy is a 4-day programme that gives young ocean-lovers [ages 10-15] the skills and confidence they need for a lifetime of salty adventures. ⁠

All programme content is specially tailored to ensure little legends learn in a fun, engaging and safe environment.⁠

Our WaterGROMS Academy graduates take away solid foundation skills in CO2 tolerance and the urges to breathe, the One Ocean International breathing patterns, practical anatomy and physiology, panic and fear management, first aid and rescue, ocean buddy systems, mindfulness and positive mental anchors...and so much more!⁠

This is programme designed to set kids up for success- not only in the ocean, but also in life!⁠

Course Overview

Students begin their learning for Level 1 via our dedicated Online Learning Hub, which is designed to support learning every step of the way and provide access to much of the theory behind watermanship in a self-paced environment.

Our aim in the WaterGroms Programme is to give students the understanding of why we do things and how the body reacts to certain situations and to instil confidence and self-belief.

This is followed by fun, challenging and realistic confined-water training which is tailored to individual experience and local beach conditions. 

Practical training covers areas such as:

  • Breath Hold and Apnea

  • Swimming in the surf

  • Freestyle and sidestroke swimming techniques

  • The Buddy System

  • Black Out Rescue

  • Marine environment hazard identification

  • Ocean preparedness

  • Sea Survival

  • First aid and Rescue

  • Panic and Fear Management

course length

1 day.

WaterGROMS Academy is a 4-day programme.

Who is this course for...?

This course is suitable for all levels of watergrommets. The programme will be specifically tailored to challenge those that enter this level with more ocean experience. 



Starting from AU$250 (excluding GST)

Minimum standards

Students must be able to swim 400m and be medically fit (see below).

Minimum age is 10.

To obtain the WaterGroms Programme certification, students must:

  1. Complete the pre course registration and online learning package

  2. Display competence in the following:

    • One Ocean International Breathing Patterns

    • Freestyle and sidestroke swimming

    • Underwater breaststroke

    • Duckdive

    • Using the Buddy System

    • Black Out Rescue

  3. Perform the following:

    • A static apnea of at least 2’00”

    • A dynamic-no-fins distance of 25 m.

    • A 400m One Ocean International surf survival swimming pattern

    • Correct demonstrations of survival swimming techniques

    • A Black Out Rescue on the surface

  4. A Level 1 Programme reflection (via Online Learning Hub)

  5. One day Consolidation Training to move onto Level 2


  • Freediving mask and Flotation aids

what to bring

  • Towel

  • Wetsuit (board shorts/bikini/swimsuit minimum)

  • Mask and snorkel

  • Water

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Zink/sunscreen

  • Pen and notepad

  • Lunch

Medical Fitness

You will be asked to complete a medical declaration as part of your course registration. Unless you suffer a medical condition that is a contradiction to watermanship training, you will not be required to complete a medical examination.

Students with contradicting medical conditions, however, will be required to undergo a Dive Medical that meets the Australian Standard 4005.1. We require documentation of this prior to course participation.

Medical conditions that are of concern to watermanship training are: lung conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, any ear problems or any other major medical conditions. 

If you are in any doubt regarding your medical eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact One Ocean International.

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