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student development pathway

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LEVEL 1 Watermanship ProgramME

All One Ocean International students enter our development pathway via the Level 1 Programme. This allows us to ensure students establish a strong knowledge base, become familiar with our teaching methods and develop good habits right from the start.

This is also where students begin their interaction with our Online Learning Hub, which is designed to support learning every step of the way.



Between each watermanship programme level, students are required to undertake Consolidation Training. We have designed different options for these sessions (depending on how far along the training pathway a student is), however the goal for every session remains the same: reinforce the principals of previous training in a fun and dynamic environment.

Level 2 Watermanship ProgramME

Our Level 2 Programme is designed to build on the learnings from Level 1 and Consolidation Training and to give students the skills to handle themselves better in intense situations. Whether you're a surfer wanting to explore heavier breaks, a spearfisherman wanting to level-up or someone who simply enjoys the challenge of deep ocean environments, this course will challenge your capabilities.


LEVEL 3 Watermanship ProgramME

Our Level 3 programmes are broken into two specific disciplines:

LEVEL 3A: Heavy water

This programme is specifically designed for those that want to charge large and go big! All content in this programme is focussed on giving students a deep theoretical understanding of Heavy Water environments and the practical skills to tackle any challenge in those settings.


This programme is specifically designed for those that want to go deeper, longer! All content in this programme is focussed on understanding the specific  physiology of underwater environments and preparing students physically for the rigours of going deep.

LEVEL 4 Watermanship ProgramME

This programme is the highest level of watermanship training offered in the student pathway. Students must have completed all previous levels in the One Ocean International Development Pathway. The programme is conducted over a minimum of 12 months, during which students are exposed to a variety of trainers and specialist training principles. The aim of this programme is to foster pure excellence all areas of watermanship.

Students must successfully perform and meet the minimum Advanced Watermanship Programme requirements prior to acceptance on the programme.


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