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It's extremely important to us that One Ocean International students feel safe and assured about all aspects of their training. This is why we have gone to great lengths to ensure our programmes, insurance and legal safeguards meet the highest standards possible.

Cancellation Policy

60 days prior of commencement: half refund
Deposit is non-refundable within 30 days of commencement of program.
If your program is cancelled due to weather or by One Ocean International for unforeseen circumstances you will receive a full refund or have the choice to reschedule.**

**Program credit is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.


Oceanic Marine Risks - Policy Number: DMI/185560/20 (20,000,000)

Dive Master Insurance Consultants Ltd Kingsbridge House, 17-23 Rectory Grove Essex UK as Agents for Lloyds of London

Combined Public, Products & Professional Indemnity Liability (Dive Schools)

Indigo Trade Liability Insurance


Intellectual Property Protection

All One Ocean International programmes, training material, photos, logos and website content are Trademarked:

TRADE MARK NO: 1539263


Governing School

Apnea Academy International

CEO: Umberto Pelizzari


Scope under Apnea Academy

  • Freediving Education:

  • Pool Freediver

  • Apnea Level 1

  • Apnea Level 2

  • Apnea Level 3

  • Aquaticity for children

  • Freediving Rescue

  • Monofin

  • Advanced Equalisation

Scope under One Ocean International

  • Watergroms Programme

  • Waterwoman Programme

  • Level 1 Watermanship programme

  • Level 2 Watermanship programme

  • Level 3 Watermanship programme

  • Level 4 Watermanship programme

  • Heavy Water Safety and Rescue

  • Private Watermanship Coaching

  • Health and Lifestyle Coaching


Scope under Survive First Aid

  • Provide CPR

  • Provide Basic Life Support

  • Provide First Aid

  • Provide Remote Area First Aid

  • Wilderness First Aid Skill set


Open Water Diving

One Ocean International must always operate its diving operations on a surveyed vessel under the guidance of a Registered Diving Operator.


Student to Instructor Ratio

6:1 - Under the direction of 1 instructor

8:2 - Under the direction of 1 instructor and an assistant instructor with the minimum training of Level 3 Apnea Academy Freediver.


First Aid Training

All One Ocean International staff are trained to Wilderness First Aid level or higher. A number of our trainers are qualified Paramedics, Remote Medics and Allied Health Professionals.

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