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Skill-Up for Summer!

The weather is warming up, which means it’s time to polish those ocean skills! We’re pumped for the coming season, which we reckon will be our biggest and most awesome EVER!

All our courses for the rest of the year are planned and available via our website, including Level 1 & 2 Programmes, Heavy Water, Freediving and WaterGROMS.

Check out all the dates below or CLICK HERE to book your place today. They’re filling fast, so get in quick!

💥 NOVEMBER 2021 💥

Level 1 Programmes: 20/11

Level 2 Programmes: 6-7/11

💥 DECEMBER 2021 💥

Level 1 Programmes: 11/12

Level 2 Programmes: 11~12/12

WaterGROMS Programmes: 21/12

L3A: Heavy Water Programme: 3-5/12

L3H: Freediving Programme: 17-19/12

Book via

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