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Level 2










Whether you're a surfer wanting to explore heavier breaks, a spearfisherman wanting to level-up or someone who simply enjoys the challenge of dynamic aquatic environments, the Level 2 Watermanship Programme is designed to give you the skills to handle yourself better in intense situations.

The aim of the Level 2 Programme is to give students the knowledge, skill and confidence to push, challenge and enjoy more in the their chosen aquatic discipline - whilst keeping themselves and others safe. 

Course Overview

The Level 2 Programme is designed to enhance students' existing watermanship skills and builds upon what has been learned in the Level 1 Programme. All this is done in a relaxed, fun, safe, yet personally challenging environment. This is achieved by - firstly - exploring the reactions the human body goes through whilst in stressful situations such as big wave hold-downs or getting stuck in aggressive whitewater. We then break this down step-by-step to give the student an insight into the actual processes that are taking place during these situations.

These theoretical underpinnings are then reinforced through fun, challenging and realistic training in safe environments. Our aim in this part of the programme is is to help guide our students through new challenges to find a deeper understanding of themselves and their capabilities. 

The Level 2 Programme is supported by our dedicated Online Learning Hub, which has been designed to reinforce the theory of watermanship and to give students a resource they can continually refer back to.

Practical training covers areas such as:

  • Level 2 Apnea Techniques for Watermanship

  • Advanced Swimming Techniques

  • Training Principals

  • Sea Survival

  • Planning and Preparedness

  • First Aid and Rescue

  • Panic and Fear Management

  • Fear and Panic Management in Watermanship

  • Flexibility for Watermanship

  • Dry Training Principals and Practices for Watermanship 

  • Level 2 Mindfulness Techniques for Watermanship

  • Mental Anchor Development for Watermanship

  • Buddy System: Psychological Support

  • Intermediate Rescue Techniques

  • First Aid for Watermanship

course length

2 days.

+ 2 days Consolidation Training to move onto Level 3.

Who is this course for...?

This course is suitable for graduates of the Level 1 Watermanship Programme who are ready to push themselves and unlock deeper potential. 



Starting from AU$600 (excluding GST)

Minimum standards

Students must be able to swim and be medically fit (see below).

Students must have completed the Level 1 Watermanship Programme + 1 day Consolidation Training.

Minimum age is 16.

To obtain the Level 2 Watermanship Programme certification, the candidate must:

  1. Complete the pre course registration and online learning package

  2. Display competence in the following: -

    • One Ocean International Breathing Patterns

    • Freestyle and Sidestroke swimming

    • Underwater breaststroke

    • Duckdive

    • Using the Buddy System

    • Black Out Rescue

    • First Aid

    • Fear and Panic Management Techniques

    • Intermediate Apnea Drills

    • Effective breathing techniques and mindfulness for Heat and Ice therapy

  3. Perform the following:

    • A correct demonstration of the practical components of survival swimming in static and dynamic ocean environments

    • A static apnea of minimum 3’00”

    • A dynamic-no-fins distance of 35m (or 50m with rescue fins)

    • Complete Dynamic No-Fins CO2 drill for a minimum 10'00"

    • A 800m ocean swim in under 20'00"

    • An underwater disorientation drill of at least 00'30"

    • A Drown-Proofing drill of minimum 10'00"

    • An Unconscious Diver Rescue from 5m

    • A Black Out Rescue on the surface

    • A 100m swim, a 50m unassisted tow, an Unconcious Casualty carry and Basic Life Support

    • Participation/completion of all Dry Training drills using appropriate breathing patterns and psychological techniques

  4. A Level 2 Programme reflection (via Online Learning Hub)

  5. Two days Consolidation Training to move onto Level 3


  • Freediving mask and Flotation aids

what to bring

  • Towel

  • Wetsuit (3:2 sealed steamer as a minimum)

  • Mask 

  • Rescue Fins (DaFins, Bodyboard fins, etc...)

  • Water

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Zink/sunscreen

  • Pen and notepad

  • Lunch.

Medical Fitness

You will be asked to complete a medical declaration as part of your course registration. Unless you suffer a medical condition that is a contradiction to watermanship training, you will not be required to complete a medical examination.

Students with contradicting medical conditions, however, will be required to undergo a Dive Medical that meets the Australian Standard 4005.1. We require documentation of this prior to course participation.

Medical conditions that are of concern to watermanship training are: lung conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, any ear problems or any other major medical conditions. 

If you are in any doubt regarding your medical eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact One Ocean International.

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