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What is watermanship?





Waterman / Waterwoman [noun]

1. One who achieved a certain level of mastery across multiple ocean disciplines.

Put simply, watermanship training aims to broaden the participants' ocean awareness and safety. It combines principles of freediving, lifesaving, sailing, ocean swimming, surfing, spearfishing...and so much more!

Watermanship training is for everyone, at all levels of fitness and ocean knowledge. We consider the quest to become a waterman or woman a life-long journey full of learning, challenge and growth.

One Ocean International Watermanship programmes are designed to instill instinctive abilities in all aquatic environments. Our method is to push students to new levels by asking them to perform under stress, develop heightened situational awareness, deal with high heart rate and CO2 breath hold events and become competent with elements of safety and rescue.

Through repeated exposure and specific stimulus training, students gradually build a comprehensive watermanship skillset.

Each practical skill is underpinned by deep theoretical understanding of ocean environments and physiological processes, giving students a well-rounded grounding in all aspects of watermanship.

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