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Maria Jesu nazar

Maria (or Jesu, as her friends call her), comes to the One Ocean family, all the way from Chile.
She started sailing as a little grom, learning from her dad- a passionate ocean man. Since those early days, she has formed a life-long bond between with the ocean.

She has always had a passion for sports and movement and in 2011 first experienced what she describes as "the wonders of Yoga". This set Jesu on a path which has seen her dedicate her life to bringing the joys of movement, yoga and ocean adventure to others. In 2014 she graduated as a Physical Therapist, began teaching Yoga and all-the-while drew inspiration by a true belief that movement is medicine.
Now she teaches in Margaret River and also shares her own style of what she calls YogaTherapy: a unique combination of yoga and physio therapy.

Jesu loves surfing (especially left-handers!), but she is always frothing just by being in the ocean- whether it's swimming, freediving, bodysurfing or just playing around.

She believes that the ocean is truly her happy place, her temple and her biggest teacher and inspiration.


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