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shanan worrall

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Shanan was born in Esperance in 1978, the most south eastern coastal town of Western Australia.  He commenced surfing, fishing and spearfishing at the early age of 6 and quickly discovered his deep passion for the ocean. 

Due to this growing passion at the age of 17 he began to steer his career towards the ocean. He officially started as an abalone diver/deck hand and continues to commercially dive to this day.

Whilst Abalone Diving out of Esperance Shanan was the first line of first aid, and the first responder in the rescue of a fellow Abalone Diver who was attacked by a great white shark in 2013. Shanan himself has been exposed to many sharks and has had to defend himself against attack multiple times.

Whilst Shanan has spent 21 years working in and around the ocean, when not working, his recreational activities have revolved around surfing, diving and fishing.

Shanan has a passion for sharing information with others that will make their ocean experience safe and extremely enjoyable! His ability to help others move through mental blocks is impressive! 


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