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Youth Resilience 


OUTDOOR EDUCATION & Youth Resilience Programmes

At One Ocean International, we're committed to fostering confidence, capability, resilience and a continual sense of wonder in the next generation of budding watermen, waterwomen and community leaders.


That's why we've spent considerable time and energy crafting specialty programmes for school-aged kids.

These programmes bring together knowledge and learnings from decades operating in dynamic ocean environments, high-consequence leadership positions, ever-changing professional structures, varied educational settings and a myriad of cultures around the globe.


We base all our teaching around interactive, stimulating games and exercises that keep everyone interested, motivated and safe. The programmes are fun, engaging and jam-packed with skills specifically designed to give kids real confidence and adaptive skills not only in changing ocean environments, but (more importantly!), also in life.

Depending on the needs and desired outcomes of the school or organisation, we offer two programme formats:

WaterGroms Programme

This programme is water-based and focussed on developing water skills and confidence in aquatic environments. We naturally touch on subjects such as fear management and positive mental anchors, however this programme is designed for those groups that want to develop solid ocean skills. 

Our aim for this programme is to give students the understanding of why we do things and how the body reacts to certain situations and to instil confidence and self-belief. This is achieved by fun, challenging and realistic confined-water training which is tailored to individual experience and local beach conditions. 

Practical training covers areas such as breath hold and apnea, dynamic finning techniques, diving to depth (≤10m), the Buddy System, first aid and rescue, ocean preparedness and sea survival.

This programme caters for all ability levels, provided students are able to swim.

Ages 10-16.

Youth Resilience Programme

This programme can be delivered in either a water-based or dry setting and is focussed on developing lifelong resilience skills. It is less about performing in the ocean and more about using apnea, exercise and play to identify and overcome fears and challenges.

Our aim for this programme is to provide students with a quiver of practical mental and physical skills that can be adapted for use in all life settings. This is achieved by establishing simple anatomy and physiology understandings, then using practical exercises and game-based learning to address panic and fear management, nervous system adaption, breathing patterns, mindfulness, positive mental anchors, goal-setting and challenge mastery. 

Using a proven Educate - Demonstrate - Participate format, this programme gives students the space to confront challenge and fear, empower themselves and others and ultimately grow as people.

Very few students leave this programme unchanged; for many, it is a life-changing experience!

Ages 14-18.

course length

Our Outdoor Education and Youth Resilience programmes are designed allow for flexible delivery.

Both programmes are delivered 2 days, or can be tailored to Semester-length formats, depending on the needs of the school or organisation.

These programmes can function as stand-alone activities, or can be integrated into established Outdoor Education, Health or PE curriculum.

Simply contact us to discuss how we can help!!

Who are these programmes for...?

These programmes are suitable for all levels of school-age kids. Programmes can be specifically tailored to challenge those that enter this level with more ocean experience. 



Contact us

Minimum standards

Students must be able to swim 400m and be medically fit (see below).

Minimum age is 10.

To obtain the WaterGroms Programme certification, students must:

  1. Complete the pre course registration and online learning package

  2. Display competence in the following:

    • One Ocean International Breathing Patterns

    • Freestyle and sidestroke swimming

    • Underwater breaststroke

    • Duckdive

    • Using the Buddy System

    • Black Out Rescue

  3. Perform the following:

    • A static apnea of at least 2’00”

    • A dynamic-no-fins distance of 25 m.

    • A 400m One Ocean International surf survival swimming pattern

    • Correct demonstrations of survival swimming techniques

    • A Black Out Rescue on the surface


  • Freediving mask and Flotation aids

what to bring

  • Towel

  • Wetsuit (board shorts/bikini/swimsuit minimum)

  • Mask and snorkel

  • Water

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Zink/sunscreen

  • Pen and notepad

  • Lunch

Medical Fitness

You will be asked to complete a medical declaration as part of your course registration. Unless you suffer a medical condition that is a contradiction to watermanship training, you will not be required to complete a medical examination.

Students with contradicting medical conditions, however, will be required to undergo a Dive Medical that meets the Australian Standard 4005.1. We require documentation of this prior to course participation.

Medical conditions that are of concern to watermanship training are: lung conditions, heart conditions, epilepsy, diabetes, any ear problems or any other major medical conditions. 

If you are in any doubt regarding your medical eligibility please don’t hesitate to contact One Ocean International.



"As an Outdoor Education teacher at Georgianna Molloy Anglican School, I have had the privilege of working with the team at One Ocean International through our year 10 Outdoor Education Free Diving programme over the past few years.

Joe and his team are absolute experts at what they do and their interactions with our students are always both professional and personable.

The opportunities One Ocean International provide through their courses are multidimensional. I’ve found that not only do our students practical free diving skills improve, which is great, but that more importantly, I’ve found that through these courses our students come away with important life lessons, like an insight into how having an inner calmness and determination can be of benefit in life outside of the ocean environment.

The One Ocean team live every minute of what they teach, and it comes through in their enthusiasm in the delivery of the lessons and depth of knowledge and so students immediately “buy in” to what they are learning, which as a teacher is all you can ask.

One Ocean are super flexible with locations and have provided courses in a range of different ocean environments for our students always with safety as their number one priority. They encourage kids to challenge themselves and push their personal limits in a controlled, supportive and safe environment and are really able to maximise their impact in quite a short amount of time.

All in all I could not recommend One Ocean International more highly to any prospective schools out there looking to diversify or spice up their Outdoor Education programs by utilising Joe Knight and the team at One Ocean International."


Trent Sherborne

Outdoor Education Teacher

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School

"Joe and the team at One Ocean International give you some of the most useful and practical life skills you could ever hope for.  Don’t think for a second that it’s just a bit of breath holding.  You come away smarter, psychogically better and more confident no matter what your experience or skill levels were prior. And that means that you can go harder or simply enjoy your capabilities with a higher level of reassuredness than existed before.

Because he’s a paramedic, and he watches you so closely, knows so much and prepares you so well, you feel comfortable pushing your levels well beyond what you ever thought you could do.  And if he feels you can do more, he’ll let you know.

I’ve personally completed a group course and one-on-one watermanship training with Joe.  I’ve put my teenage kids through his groms watermanship course and we’ve also engaged One Ocean to train our surfing kids at Cowaramup Bay Boardriders with a combination of the Watermanship and Mental Health Youth Resilience program. I guess you coud say I’m a bit of a fan, but that’s because you get so much out of it.

For me personally, the biggest surprise was how One Ocean International has a few exercises that get deep into any fear inducing moments you may have had (even if you can’t really remember them).  And somehow the exercises allow you to return to those moments, analyse your body in real time and then understand how overcome them.  It’s not just knowledge Joe gives you, but pushing you to physically achieve new things in both easy and difficult circumstances just has a deep lasting, positive impact on you.

For kids, Joe just makes the learning so much fun. He makes them laugh, but he makes them listen. He teaches them facts and quickly backs them up with fun, practical exercises that not only cement the learning, but also give them huge respect for the life skills he is teaching them.  The groms come away happy (and exhausted!).  They grow in knowledge and confidence, no matter what their skill levels. Plus they’ve spent time with an epic role model who just can’t help but spread his positivity to the group.

These are the sorts of things that every single kid should be learning and experiencing in school. And if people taught the way that One Ocean did, kids would love to come to school every single day.


Jane Seman

Former Professional Windsurfer, Surfer & Mum

"One Ocean International has hosted and facilitated programmes for the school students and staff at Georgiana Molloy Anglican School for the last 5 years.

I have seen first hand the impact these programmes have had on the students and it’s HUGE! 

With the combination of theory, science, and self-awareness in the classroom to then the practical components in the water, I can only say that the One Ocean approach is a recipe for success!

It’s the one programmes that we run at school that caters for every student, at any level. Everyone gains a sense of accomplishment, confidence, knowledge and are 100% engaged. It’s fun and challenging all at the same time.

If you're a teacher, you know that is rare and magical! 

There are a lot of nerves in the kids to start off with. Some are really uncomfortable with the unknown, so to see the transformation of those nerves and that uncertainty turn into self-confidence and a major sense of accomplishment is the biggest reward in the world! The kids are so excited by the programme and it truly brings the best out in all of them!

Not to mention the health benefits of learning to control their body and moreso their minds, especially when they feel uncomfortable and challenged. It demands mindfulness in it’s purest form, which in students and schools today is such an important tool to help counteract the stresses that more and more teenagers struggle with everyday.

Did I mention it’s also HEAPS of fun!?!?

I also know that the kids are in safe hands, with THE most capable crew around. I can rest easy knowing (as a teacher with Duty of Care) that I’ve ticked all the boxes and the students are going to have an experience of a lifetime, gaining skills to take with them out of school, in the water and on the land. 


Fleta Walsh

Outdoor Education Teacher

Georgiana Molloy Anglican School

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